Ore Knob Copper Deposit

The full title of the bulletin reads: The Ore Knob Copper Deposit North Carolina, and Other Massive Sulfide Deposits of the Appalachians. Published in 1967 by the United States Government Printing Office, the subtitle is: Effects of dynamic and thermal metamorphism on primary ore textures at Ore Knob are described, and similar Appalachian deposits are compared. The copy archived at Lost Signals contains, folded within one of the accompanying maps, written in French in fine dip pen, a note that seems to reference a page (“p. 109”) and a date (“24 Septembre 1648”). Proceeding along the lines that randomness is simply disarranged order (a basic tenant of those who established the archive) it’s been determined that the date refers to the death of Marin Mersenne, a French mathematician, philosopher, and music theorist who battled against the Brotherhood of Rosicricians, an occult group of well-educated alchemists who published several hoax books, etc.

Why the slip of paper should be folded into this particular map is, of course, the as-yet-unanswered question. This item remains one of the hundreds of open cases, cases returned to on a rotating basis for further investigation and speculation. —E. Edgewood


The Oslo Deviation

At dawn on March 24, 1950, the offices of the Central Council of Physical Recreation at Burnwood House were presented with a series of curious packages: 72 banded, wooden crates, laden with some 45 tons of radioactive tritium snow, which had been floated by barge up the Thames from Norway. These packages, which were marked for shipment to the Armament Research and Development Establishment (ARDE) at Fort Halstead, had been confused with 56 similar packages, containing 48 tons of common protium snow, also from Norway, which were meant to coat a makeshift ski jump, which was built in Hampstead Heath for a frivolous exhibition.

This mix-up not only slowed the British High Explosive Research (HER) program’s effort to build a hydrogen bomb (delaying the commencement of Operation Grapple by some 6 years), it also ended the brief existence of the newly-formed Oxford University Ski Jumping Club (OUSJC), whose members were exposed to acute positron radiation at the event…    –Hilbert David


The LiBaiXH90361 Megavirus

Leaked by an anonymous hacker to Stage1st, this is the only known electron microscope image of the silent, non-immunogenic, synthetic megavirus LiBaiXH90361. The LiBaiXH90361 megavirus, named after the famous Chinese spy Li Bai, was alledgely developed by an secret bio-intelligence Chinese laboratory in 2016 as the first artificial virus designed to carry artificially encoded information in its DNA. Its viral capsid is not a conventional protein shell, but made from a non-immunogenic synthetic nanomaterial that doesn’t infect cells or recombine with the host’s genome.

Once intravenously injected, the LiBaiXH90361 megavirus travels freely and quiescent across the human or animal bloodstream, only detectable in a blood sample by a mass-spectrometry assay. It is said that an unspecifiable number of dogs and humans had already become true libraries of classified file-viruses, unknowingly transporting occult, undetectable DNA-encoded messages around the world. However, a group of microbiologists from the Miskatonic University who are dismissing the whole story as another bioengineering hoax, have identified the image as just a blurred photograph of a lichen growing on a stone wall. —Germán Sierra


Parallax Literature

The celebrity of Brewster’s stereoscope during the Great Exhibition of 1851, and the excitement it aroused in young Queen Victoria, flung anglophile and noted iconoclast Arthur Lotshire into a fit of jealous rage. Unimpressed by image semiotics, Lotshire conspired to return his monarch’s affection to letters, after building his own notoriety.

His scheme invoked a series of lectures written by one Hermann Samuel Reimarus, an 18th-century high school oriental languages instructor from the Imperial Free City of Hamburg. Reimarus was a proponent of a theological oneness in ideas, and Lotshire speculated that if the devil could render images in stereo, then he could do the same with literature.

Stereo perception uses symmetry to exploit mental assumptions about parallax. One needs two eyes to see in three dimensions. Likewise, one needs two minds to read in stereo.

Problems in sensing parallax script inspired Lotshire to contrive a stereo alphabet, whose meaning was both similar and different, when read at the same time. He seduced a cadre of adherents to practice his new writing, but early attempts to understand resulted in spontaneous epileptic seizure.

When long term meditation in parallax caused schizophrenia, Lotshire was arrested, his cache of hand-written works was confiscated, and his group of adherents dispersed. All examples of Lotshire’s work were officially destroyed in the action, although accounts of surviving copies have surfaced occasionally.

The volume below, a work of fiction written in parallax, arrived at Lost Signals headquarters by way of anonymous delivery. We have not dared to open it.
Hilbert DavidParallax Literature

The Resistance

Although the slim manual entitled Field Manual for Northwest Resistance Cell #4 has been almost entirely redacted, one page seems to have been overlooked. Of special interest to archivists at Lost Signals is the reference to the “pass system,” a term not seen before in other resistance literature. What resistance? Difficult to say, since the manual in question is undated. What is certain, however, is that at some point to come in the United States the resistance will produce this manual, which will be confiscated by the regime at some point and redacted, and then re-captured by the resistance, who will make sure it ends up in the hands of Lost Signals, which it has.


Unbecoming on the Heath

For all of six weeks in the spring of 1891, Claire Saint (close friend of Laura Marx) was an enthused member of the proto-Situationist International group, the Hampstead Tree-Huggers. Beyond the occasional band performance, as pictured, the HTH held regular picnics and what would today be recognised as love-ins. Outmaneuvered and outgunned by her political rivals, Saint was soon forced to abdicate her official role as Co-Mingler of the Solitude and the Multitude. Sterile and tuneless, the HTH disbanded before the turn of the century, a victim of their own uncaring spectacle. —R. Bennetts