Bulletin of Lost Signals

We are pleased to announce pre-order availability for The Bulletin of Lost Signals, #1. In the spirit of punk fanzines, the BLS will provide the latest news, scuttlebutt from various signal-collecting communities, recipes, and, of course, one-of-a-kind artifacts. To wit, each bulletin will include all of the following:

  • a typed newsletter featuring brief descriptions of the troubled history of the archive, a list of the most recent acquisitions, and, when there’s a good one, a recipe
  • two (2) original, one-of-a-kind paper ephemera inserts, spanning various historical periods, duplicates from the archive
  • two (2) sections of 16mm film frames from obscure films
  • the url to a short lost signal video not publicized and not available through any other source

The print-run for the very first bulletin is limited to 25. While the precise exchange value is (and will remain forever) unknown, .75 cents will get you a copy. This fee, however, can be waived upon request.

The 2017 publication schedule:

  • Issue #1 – “Degrowth” – mailing date: 1 August [SOLD OUT]
  • Issue #2 – “Julia Kristeva + Maya Deren” – mailing date: 15 December

To reserve (“hold”) your copy of The Bulletin of Lost Signals, #1, simply send a request to the Lost Signal archivist: nrombesudm@gmail.com

To send a recipe (a morning or brunch cocktail recipe or side-dish recipe only) please use the same e-mail as above. Must be received by July 4 for inclusion in issue #1, or August 30 for inclusion in issue #2.