Black Hole

From time to time we revisit our black hole archives. Although Lost Signals catalogues all received signals–no matter how tenuous, obscure, or doubtful–in truth we only pay attention to candidates for the Real. In other words: we are not interested in “alternative” or “parallel” truths. It was J. Baudrillard who wrote, in Impossible Exchange, that “it seems that reality, indifferent to any truth, cares not one jot for the knowledge to be derived from observing and analyzing it.”

So it is with a bit of fanfare that we present a deep-space image captured eight years ago, scrutinized and over-scrutinized to the brink of annihilation. There is no threat from this black hole (if you discount [and at what cost?] the existential threat) of the very existence of a light-eating entity. For without light, what dark . . . and without dark????

Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 9.51.44 PM

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