Of the 11,336 audio files archived at Lost Signals, several dozen are from the Appalachia region, field recorded in the 1930s, and of those several dozen, a handful are recollections (often secondhand) of an explosion in the wilderness, followed by “something” flying through the air, followed by a figure apparently clad in uniform whose eyes “roll around” in his head “like balls of fire” before the person takes off through the air again. This recording–tape #9,045a–is the most complete, uninterrupted version. Dubbed “firehead” by the original Lost Signals archivist, the recording was misfiled (purposely, it seems) for years under “forest fires” and only recently rediscovered and correctly filed. Listening notes:

  • 0:40 / “something coming across in the air”
  • 2:18 / “his eyes began to roll over and over”
  • part 2 of the recording–#9,045b–is just hissing static
  • part 3 of the recording–#9,045c–is a recantation, or disavowal, of the contents of part 1

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