The “Marseille” audio is vexing, more for what it obscures than for what it reveals. The facts, such as they are, are simple and direct, and require little commentary. The audio was made in 2007. It’s sourced from Marseille (misspelled Marseilles on the file name) France. The voice is female. There is something suggestive of either a private conversation or a very subtle announcement. Likely neither, however, as the file is sub-tagged WARNING and TOXIC, as if words themselves could communicate a virus. In fact, that’s just what they are doing, which is why we have spliced-out the phrase that occurs between :06 and :07, so that the curse, such as it is (and not to be melodramatic) is rendered useless, or “infertile,” in keeping with the linguistic turns-of-phrase that accompany this particular audio file. All of which is to say: no fear. You have not been infected.

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