The “Simley” Face Video

On occasion we like to post an artifact whose provenance is entirely unknown. Such is the case with a video file we’ve extracted from a DVD labeled SIMELY FACE VIDEO. Likely a misspelling, but who knows, and who knows why it would be labelled the presumed correct SMILEY in the first place, unless there’s a smiley face lurking in the video, or it’s not a misspelling at all but rather a reference to someone’s name, Simley, as in Sim. (And in fact some of us refer to it as the SIM video.) The DVD was either left for us to find on the crummy interior stairwell leading down to the decrepit lobby that reeks of garbage (we are on the 11th floor) or else it was dropped there by accident, along with all the other detritus one encounters taking the stairs (there is no elevator). In any case, we’re posing it here today.

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